Desolation Club 1

Desolation Club Volume 1 – Old New World

A sci-fi adventure in two books, published as “Gravity Level” by Sarbacane in France, as “Desolation Club” by Saldapress in Italy.

Suddenly there’s no gravity on Earth anymore. 500 years after the apocalypse we focus on a society of survivals, Uueit, the underground city that once was known as Montreal. In the meantime they have developed a gravity micro-technology who let people live normally like in the old times, but it works only inside the city. Vikt, Waka, Ibu, Bek and Pwa are teenagers sick of this new oppressing society, everyone for a different reason wants to escape -but where? On the super-dangerous outside?
Too late to think, it seems like the outside is the only safe place after something they shouldn’t have done…